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Chemistry Department celebrates student excellence

The chemistry department hosted its annual picnic and awards ceremony on Monday, May 8, and recognized outstanding achievements and academic excellence.


The Chemistry Department hosted its annual picnic and award ceremony on the McMichael patio on Monday May 8, 2017. The celebration began by honoring the graduating chemistry and biochemistry majors who were inducted into the Phi Lambda Upsilon national chemistry honor society with cords to wear at graduation that represent pH colors (pink and blue). The national president and recent emeritus professor Gene Grimley was on hand to recognize the scholarship along with Elon’s chapter president Joel Karty (pictured with several of the inductees).

Senior PLU inductees (from left to right: Dr. Joel Karty, Emily Swanson, Amanda Brechbill, Susan Reynolds, Shelby Cuddeback, Carly Weddle, Stephanie Miller and Kyle Lynch)

Senior Achievement awards were bestowed by the department chair, Karl Sienerth, to the graduating chemistry and biochemistry seniors who exemplified the diligence, curiosity, passion and scholarship of their respective majors and who have achieved the highest academic performance. This year’s award recipients were:

Emily Swanson (left) and Carly Weddle (right) with their senior achievement awards.

Carly Weddle (biochemistry major, Honors Fellow, Lumen Scholar): Senior Biochemistry Achievement Award

Amanda Brechbill with the ACSSA Service award (left) and ACS Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award (right).

Emily Swanson (chemistry and math major): Senior Chemistry Achievement Award

In addition to their award each received a hand-chosen book from their research mentor that best exemplified their ambitions and provided guidance for their future endeavors after Elon.

Sophomore Joel Harvey (left) and first year Cailee Mehta (right) with the Eugene Gooch Memorial Organic Chemistry Achievement Award and CRC General Chemistry Achievement Award, respectively.

In addition, the American Chemical Society Student Affiliate (ACSSA) recognized a student who exemplifies service in myriad forms including as a tutor, lab assistant, holding leadership position(s) in the ACSSA and/or demonstrating a commitment and willingness to contribute to the department as a whole. This year’s ACSSA Award for Service went to Amanda Brechbill (chemistry major, Elon College Fellow). Amanda was also the recipient of the American Chemical Society Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award, a national award to recognize achievement by an undergraduate student in inorganic chemistry and to encourage further study in the field. The student nominee will have demonstrated excellence in inorganic chemistry at the undergraduate level based on any combination of research, coursework, and /or motivation / interest / dedication and should have future plans that include a career in chemistry.

The department also recognized excellence in achievement of underclassman. The 2017 Eugene Gooch Memorial Organic Chemistry Achievement Award, in memory of Elon chemistry professor Eugene Gooch’s passion for organic chemistry, went to Joel Harvey (sophomore, biochemistry major) for his outstanding performance. Joel received a Merck index along with his award, which contains a compilation of important values for the field and an encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs and biologicals.

Cailee Mehta (first year, biochemistry major) was recognized for excellence in general chemistry and was honored with the CRC General Chemistry Achievement Award. Along with her award Cailee received the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, a comprehensive reference resource for science research.


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