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Elon student team from Imagining the Internet Center records Internet Hall of Fame events in Los Angeles

During the Internet Society’s 25th anniversary events, the students produced documentary video interviews with 12 global Internet Hall of Fame inductees.

Eight Elon University students led by two faculty members participated in the Internet Society’s official video coverage of the 2017 Internet Hall of Fame Induction at ISOC’s 25th anniversary events in Los Angeles Sept. 18-19.

Elon students and faculty members gather together while attending the 2017 Internet Hall of Fame Induction in Los Angeles. Pictured (from left) are Professor Janna Anderson, Alexandra Roat, Jared Mayerson, Meg Malone, Melissa Douglas, Erik Webb, Alex Hager, Maya Eaglin, Diego Pineda Davila and Assistant Professor David Bockino.

Undergraduate multimedia journalists Diego Pineda Davila, Melissa Douglas, Maya Eaglin, Alex Hager, Meg Malone, Jared Mayerson, Alexandra Roat and Erik Webb were led by Professor Janna Anderson and Assistant Professor David Bockino of the School of Communications. Douglas served as the team’s lead video producer.

Maya Eaglin (left) and Alexandra Roat (center) conduct an interview as part of the Internet Society’s official video coverage of the 2017 Internet Hall of Fame Induction.

‚ÄčThe group recorded documentary video interviews with 12 global Internet Hall of Fame inductees, including Craig Partridge, Ed Krol, Alan Emtage, Yvonne Marie Andres, Jaap Akkerhuis, Tracy LaQuay Parker, Nabil Buklahid, Ira Fuchs, Shigeki Goto, Ermanno Peitrosemoli, Tadao Takahashi and Jianping Wu.

Elon students Meg Malone (from left), Melissa Douglas and Jared Mayerson work while on site in Los Angeles. 

‚ÄčThe team also recorded the Internet Hall of Fame induction ceremony, a gala event that was hosted by ISOC just steps away from the University of California-Los Angeles School of Engineering building where the first message was sent via the Internet in 1969.

The young journalists also recorded interviews with 25 young global Internet leaders under the age of 25 who were honored by ISOC for their uses of the Internet in global-good projects. These “25 Under 25” participating in ISOC’s 25th anniversary events discussed their hopes and fears for the future of the Internet.

The team covered a special globally broadcast event announcing the release of the Internet Society’s “Paths to Our Digital Future Report,” which identified major challenges and concerns for the future of society and the Internet. Elon communications faculty are among the respondents whose input was analyzed and included in the making of this important 120-page report. The resulting report offers 36 recommendations focused on the fact that society has to respond quickly to tough challenges that endanger its future in the digital age.

The Internet Society, a nonprofit organization working toward positive Internet evolution, provided funding assistance for Elon’s multimedia journalism team.

Tommy Kopetskie,
9/20/2017 6:30 AM