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Faculty present with students and alumni at professional meeting

Exercise Science faculty Eric Hall, Paul Miller, Elizabeth Bailey, Wally Bixby, Barry Beedle and economics professor Tom Tiemann presented original research with students at the 2007 Southeast American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference in Charlotte, N.C.

Kyle Cooper, Emily Schmitt, Amanda Davis, Lauren Nowlan, Keri Sheehan, Nolan Wildfire, Erika Lamanna, Tara Ward, Scott Rytter, Ryan Healy and Brian Delsandro all participated as investigators in this scholarship.

Alumni Pete Bellezza ’06 and Brooks Martin ’06 also collaborated on these studies.

Kyle Cooper's presentation resulted from a Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (S.U.R.E.) mentored by Dr. Paul Miller.

Kyle Cooper was a finalist for the Student Research Award at this conference.

Additionally, alumnus Elizabeth Chmelo ’05, presently a graduate student at Wake Forrest University, presented research from her master’s thesis.

The following presentations were made;

EE Schmitt, PC Miller, KL Cooper, EK Bailey, WR Bixby & EE Hall: “Relationships between treadmill running performance and preference and tolerance of exercise intensity.”

KL Cooper, PC Miller, EE Schmitt, EK Bailey, WR Bixby & EE Hall: “Affective responses to treadmill running with distraction.”

LE Nowlan, AK Davis, KM Sheehan, WR Bixby, EE Hall & PC Miller: “An examination of the dual-mode hypothesis of affective response to exercise.”

AK Davis, LE Nowlan, KM Sheehan, WR Bixby, EE Hall & PC Miller: “An examination of mixed-emotions during and following a graded exercise test.”

PA Bellezza, EE Hall, BT Delsandro, BE Martin, WR Bixby, & PC Miller: “Influence of exercise order on perceived exertion and blood lactate in resistance exercise.”

N Wildfire, TK Tiemann, E Lamanna & PC Miller: “Journey to work as a predictor of obesity.”

B Beedle, SJ Rytter, RC Healy, & TR Ward: “Stretching type and maximal strength in the bench and leg presses.”

Paul Miller,
11/2/2012 12:07 PM