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DPT service honors human donors

Physical Therapy graduate students came together on July 9 to celebrate and give thanks to the people who donated their remains to be used for medical training. 

The service, held in Whitley Auditorium, gave students a chance to thank their donors and reflect on their time spent in anatomy class. The 37 students from the graduate class of 2009 worked with nine donors throughout the semester: Blaine, Carrie, Julian, Ruth, Barbara, Merton, Martha, Leon and Harold. 

“Without ever saying a word, they became your first patients,” said Janet Cope, assistant professor of physical therapy education.

The service began with a ready by Phil Smith, assistant chaplain. Groups of students stepped forward to honor their donor by placing representative flowers in a vase. Then the groups shared how their initial inhibitions about working with a human donor soon turned into an intimate level of respect and admiration. During spoken reflections, students were able to express their thanks for having been given a gift where the donor received no benefit.

“You gave your body so that others may be healed with our knowledge,” said one student.

Elizabeth Rogers, associate dean and chair of the department of physical therapy, made closing remarks.

- by Olivia Hubert-Allen

Dan Anderson,
7/9/2007 4:24 PM