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Elon Academy receives gift from Times-News

Steve Buckley, publisher of the Times-News in Burlington, N.C., has donated complimentary subscriptions of the local daily newspaper to all members of the incoming class, Elon Academy leaders announced May 15.

The subscriptions match a similar gift made to members of the inaugural Elon Academy class that enrolled in the program in 2007.

The newspaper will be delivered daily to all 52 students’ homes throughout their three-year participation in the Elon Academy program.

The Elon Academy will be offering a course this summer titled "Political and Civic Engagement," which will be taught by psychology professor Mat Gendle. The course emphasizes the importance of being an aware and actively engaged citizen at the local, regional, national and international levels. Through daily newspaper reading and the discussion of current events, scholars will:

1) Gain an understanding and appreciation of diversity of thought and cultural practices;

2) Engage in a personal exploration of their own social and political beliefs;

3) Increase their awareness of current events;

4) Become skilled at verbally communicating and effectively arguing personal positions on political issues; and

5) Nurture an appreciation for how political awareness and activism (for whatever cause and however small) can be a powerful force to promote change.  This class will culminate in a public, scholar-run debate of a current issue or issues of the scholars' choosing.

Launched by Elon University in 2007, the Elon Academy is an intensive three-year academic enrichment and leadership development program for local high school students who are typically underrepresented on college and university campuses. It combines a month-long residential program over three successive summers with follow-up experiences during the academic year for both students and families.

- Information from Katie Kilgariff
Administrative assistant, Elon Academy

Eric Townsend,
5/19/2008 9:43 AM