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Faculty/Staff Ever Elon profile: Charles Irons

Charles Irons

During his six years on faculty at Elon, Charles Irons has been a regular supporter of the Elon Fund. Recognizing the university’s role as a national leader in engaged learning, the assistant professor of history is not only committed to raising the level of academic challenge in the classroom, but also to supporting Elon’s goals as a donor.

“Securing the highest quality of classroom instruction requires two things: reduced teaching loads and increased support of faculty scholarship, as well as the continued recruitment and retention of a diverse student body,” Irons says. “The university is making great progress on both of these fronts, but doing so requires increased resources in the forms of new scholarships and funds for faculty development.”

“I don’t think it’s enough for me to simply recognize these needs; I am compelled to help address them by giving back.”

By contributing monthly through payroll deduction, Irons is able to make a constant and consistent difference in meeting these challenges. “By contributing on a regular basis, I hope to affirm the fact that I am not just an employee, but an invested stakeholder in the Elon community," Irons says. "Faculty and staff gifts of all sizes, big and small, send that message, and significantly enable the university’s long-term vision.”

Faculty and staff members may contribute to Ever Elon by downloading this printable contribution form in pdf format.

Dan Anderson,
2/9/2009 1:57 PM