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Faculty/Staff Ever Elon profile: Gavin Sands

Gavin Sands

Gavin Sands ‘07 reads many applications from prospective students. There are a lot of young people who want to come to Elon, says the assistant director of admissions, and Elon wants to welcome the best of them next fall. Unfortunately, not every high school student who would do well at the university applies, because he or she thinks it’s beyond financial reach, and some who are accepted do not come for that same reason.

“Sometimes, you see wonderful students that you know would love to come to Elon,” Gavin says, “and we would love to have them. But they just can’t quite manage to pay for it.”

While that saddens her, it also compels her to give generously to the annual fund. The annual fund supports scholarships and other top university goals and needs.

“There is an enabling factor to scholarships,” she explains. “The scholarship makes the difference for students with financial need who would be great here.” She was a merit scholar herself - Presidential Scholar and Elon College Fellow - and was aware of the difference even a few thousand dollars in scholarships could make for her and many fellow students at Elon.

She hopes others will support the annual fund as generously as they can. Now in her second year making the transition from student to staff member, she aims to set an example for other young people.

In addition to her annual giving, Gavin is also setting that example as a young member of the Order of the Oak, the society for donors who include Elon in their estate plans. “Planned giving is another important means for people of any age to give back to Elon. It’s a way to ensure that the university we believe in will continue to be supported years down the line.”

Elon’s values impact both students and staff, she observes. “Elon takes really good care of its students and of its staff. The things I loved about being a student, such as the sense of community and the commitment to service, are true for staff here, too. Working at Elon is not just a job. It’s kind of a lifestyle and being here is bound to affect you in important ways. As faculty and staff, we value the sense of engagement and involvement that comes with being part of this community. I think that’s why employees should want to give back to the school.”

To learn more about including Elon in your estate plans contact Jamie Killorin, director of gift planning, at 336-278-7454.

Faculty and staff members may contribute to Ever Elon by downloading this printable contribution form in pdf format.

Dan Anderson,
2/10/2009 4:46 PM