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Faculty/Staff Ever Elon profile: Chuck Gantos, Allen Poe, Dan Ingle

(l-r) Allen Poe, Chuck Gantos, Dan Ingle

Phoenix Fans: Securing the Future of Elon Athletics

Three members of the Campus Safety and Police department love to talk about why they contribute to the annual fund, at the Elon Society level, in support of the Phoenix Club every year. Each is a long-time Elon employee who has seen the university prosper and grow.

Chuck Gantos directs the office and is a loyal Phoenix fan regularly seen at athletic events, including football practices. He came to Elon in 1970, and his son Clint graduated in 1992.

“Elon athletes in all sports are so dedicated," Gantos says. "A lot of them are up and lifting weights at 6 a.m. and training later in the day. At the same time, they have to compete academically. Those students and coaches - they deserve support.”

Officers Allen Poe and Dan Ingle ’98 grew up in the area and attended Gibsonville High School.

Poe has been following Elon’s teams since he was a kid. “I remember football games over at the Williams High School field where the other teams would pull up in a bus and our kids would ride over in the back of pick up trucks," Poe says. "We’ve come a long way. I want to support athletes who are so dedicated.”

Officer-investigator Ingle enrolled at Elon in 1970 and again in 1993 as a “very non-traditional student.” His father also graduated from Elon; together they created the Luther Byrd Memorial Scholarship a few years ago, in honor of the professor who taught history to them both. “For Elon to prosper and grow, it needs the support of us all,” Ingle says.

Gantos agrees. “Regardless of the amount, a gift through payroll deduction every month really helps the students - our student athletes - and it shows our commitment. That’s important,” Gantos says.

Faculty and staff members may contribute to Ever Elon by downloading this printable contribution form in pdf format.

Dan Anderson,
2/13/2009 8:05 AM