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Bird Stasz and student team present at University of Pennsylvania Education Research Forum.

Bird Stasz, Sierra Ramondi (senior anthropology) and Erin Deans (senior Teaching Fellow elementary education) presented the results of their research, “A good idea but: Vanishing rural schools in Appalachia.” The research, funded through summer research funds and sponsored by PERCS, is an ethnographic study of two rural schools in Macon County N.C., one bound for consolidation and one not bound.

Through the voices of teachers, students, parents, administrator, and community members the work captures more than a nostalgic look in the educational review mirror. Rather it illuminates the human, instructional and community realities of these schools and one that challenges the assumptions underpinning current policy and consolidation efforts. Ramondi and Deans were the only two undergraduates presenting at the conference.

Bird Stasz,
3/1/2010 3:32 PM