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Meredith Allison coauthors book chapter

Meredith Allison, assistant professor of psychology, coauthored a book chapter with colleagues at the University of Victoria. The new interdisciplinary book on gestures was recently published by John Benjamins.

Chapter abstract:

Speakers use gestures to communicate within a dialogue, not as isolated individuals. We therefore analyzed gestural communication within dyadic dialogues. Specifically, we microanalyzed grounding (the sequence of steps by which speaker and addressee ensure their mutual understanding) in a task that elicited abstract deictic gestures. Twenty-two dyads designing a hypothetical floor plan together without writing implements often used gestures to describe these non-existent spaces. We examined the 552 gestures (97% of the database) that conveyed information that was not presented in the accompanying words. A highly reliable series of analyses tracked the immediate responses to these non-redundant speech-gesture combinations. In the vast majority of cases, the addressee’s response indicated understanding, and the speaker/gesturer’s actions confirmed that this understanding was correct.

Chapter reference:

Bavelas, J. B., Gerwing, J., Allison, M., & Sutton, C. (2011). Dyadic evidence for grounding with abstract deictic gestures. In Integrating Gestures: The Interdisciplinary nature of Gesture. G. Starn & M. Ishino (eds.). Philadelphia: Benjamins (pp. 49-60).


Meredith Allison,
7/6/2011 1:45 PM