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Student event raises awareness of giving back to Elon

A March 28 program allowed current students to thank donors whose gifts have made university experiences possible.


The Student Alumni Council hosted the 4th Annual Elon…Pass it On! event this week to raise aware about the importance of financial donations to Elon.

Tuition and fees only cover 81 percent of an Elon education, after which the University relies on the generosity and support from donors to continue to make their education possible. For the 2011-12 academic year, that 81 percent point fell while students where on spring break.

More than 200 students stopped by Moseley Front Terrace on March 28 to thank Elon donors for passing on the great experiences they had by making a gift to the university. Students shared what they’ve been able to experience because of Elon donors by writing messages on a display board. A few students wrote:

Because of Elon donors I can study abroad in Senegal, West Africa.
Because of Elon donors I can build my future.
Because of Elon donors I can participate in undergraduate research.
Because of Elon donors I can achieve my dream of graduating from college.

Students also had the opportunity to star in a special video message celebrating experiences afforded to them because of donors. The video will be shared with the student body to continue to promote the importance of giving back and will be shared with Elon donors as a thank you for their generosity.

For more information on how to get involved with Student Alumni Council, please contact Bari Sisson ’13 at bsisson@elon.edu.

Eric Townsend,
3/29/2012 5:06 PM