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DPT alumni, students and faculty present at APTA annual meeting

Physical therapy research posters were presented by Elon alumni, students and faculty at the American Physical Therapy Association Annual Meeting in Tampa, Fla.

Nicole Grates, DPTS and poster presentation

More than 2,000 physical therapists attended the event.

Elon presentations included:

The Effect of Infant Positioning on the Attainment of Gross Motor Milestones.  Authors: Paula DiBiasio PT, DPT, MS; Maria Garcia PT, DPT; Nicole Grates DPTS; Erin Leonard DPTS; Katie Reynolds DPTS; Jennifer Smid PT, DPT; Tracy Vincent PT, DPT

The Use of Ultrasound Imaging and Trunk Stabilization in a Person with Multiple Sclerosis. Authors: Scott Rytter PT, DPT, Jane Freund PT, DPT, NCS; Lauren Spinks PT, DPT, Deborah Stetts PT, DPT, OCS

Challenge-Oriented Gait and Balance Training in a Person with Chronic Stroke. Authors: Katelyn Thurow PT, DPT, Jane Freund PT, DPT, NCS

Scott Rytter, PT, DPT and poster presentation
Katelyn Thurow, PT, DPT and poster presentation
Jane Freund,
6/14/2012 4:55 PM