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Early arrivals find a home in The Station

As workers install the final touches on Elon's new residential complex, The Station at Mill Point opens to students arriving early for the fall.

“This place is even better than I thought it would be,” said Scott Bishopric ’14, SGA executive treasurer. “It’s a little mind-blowing. My mom said I have more cabinet space in my kitchen than she does.”


By Natalie Allison '13

With the last of construction on the swimming pool and club house wrapping up within days, students are already moving into The Station at Mill Point, Elon’s newest addition to on-campus housing.

The residential neighborhood featuring 24 townhouse-style apartment buildings will be home to 324 juniors and seniors this year, but some students were granted early move-in access to start the academic year early as athletes, residence assistants, orientation leaders and members of campus organizations, among other roles.

Residents started moving into The Station at Mill Point this week.

Each of the two-story residence buildings are of different shapes and colors and have two to four apartment units per building, each unit featuring private rooms and bathrooms. The neighborhood includes a commons building with study rooms, a fitness facility and office space for Student Professional Development Center staff. In addition to an outdoor pool, residents will have on-site access to recreation facilities, an amphitheater, gardens and other outdoor gathering places.

“It’s nice to be settled in where I’m going to live my senior year,” said Leah Burns ’13, who has spent the past week in meetings as SGA executive secretary. “It’s good that the rooms are open now so we can really get settled. It feels like school already.”

Scott Bishopric ’14, SGA executive treasurer, also moved into The Station early to attend meetings and help prepare for orientation events. After talking about student railroad crossing safety this week with the North Carolina Railroad Company, next week he’ll be learning skits with orientation teams to promote positive social decisions in college.

Elon's newest residential complex is designed for juniors and seniors, with amenities that include a swimming pool, fitness facility, amphitheater and more.

Meanwhile, Bishopric is enjoying his new room as he waits for his other roommates to move in next week. “This place is even better than I thought it would be,” he said. “It’s a little mind-blowing. My mom said I have more cabinet space in my kitchen than she does.”

While other students are in various meetings for most of the day, Lucas Walters ’14 and the rest of the Phoenix men and women’s cross country teams are conditioning for fall. Walters, who lives with two other runners from the team, moved in Wednesday and is already settling into his training schedule.

He said that during preseason, the team usually practices two times a day. After eating a first breakfast, the team runs eight or nine miles, eats a second breakfast, naps and eventually gets lunch. By mid-afternoon they have another practice or weight lifting session and then eat dinner, spend time together and get to know the first-year students — typically followed by a second dinner.

“It’s just eat, sleep and run until classes start,” he said.

Early arrival students’ move-in access is staggered between now and general move-in day on Aug. 25, according to their pre-semester activities.

Eric Townsend,
8/17/2012 5:30 PM