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LSB honors students for achievement in service

A ceremony recognizing 62 Martha and Spencer Love School of Business students who have earned a place on the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility took place in LaRose Digital Theatre on May 6. 

LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility awardees

The LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility recognizes students’ commitment to volunteerism and community service for both semesters of Fall 2012 and Spring 2013.

Under the leadership of Robert Moorman, Frank S. Holt, Jr. Professor of Business Leadership, the program aims to create responsible business professionals who understand how business success is linked to both financial and socially responsible performance.

“I am very pleased with the way LSB students have embraced our call for volunteer service and community involvement this year,” Moorman said. “Either on their own, through their participation in service learning classes, or as members of service-oriented groups, LSB students continue to show that they understand the value of service and their responsibility to contribute to the greater good.”

To earn a place on the honor roll, full-time undergraduate business students completed a minimum of 20 hours of community service during the fall or spring semesters. Service was performed through the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement, classes, university sponsored service trips and student organizations.

“Spending time in the Burlington community has been an invaluable component of my time here at Elon,” LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility participant Kelly Cavanaugh ’13 said. “We all came to college to learn and to improve ourselves, so it's easy to get caught up in a self-centered mindset - community service is a refreshing opportunity to step out of the ‘bubble’ and dedicate time to a cause greater than yourself.”

Fall 2012 Honor Roll for Social Responsibility:
Shruti Anantatmula
Harrison Atkinson
Whitney Ballbach
Michael Bennett–Chew
Charlie Bland
Mimi Bui
Kelly Cavanaugh
Gregory Centini
Nicholas Cianciara
Christine Conti
Aubrey Crawley
Marisa Dour
Rachel Gianfredi
Michael Hart
Sarah Hodash
Alyssa King
Mitchell Mayer
Amanda Rolfes
Kristin Ruffe
Melanie Seidman
Morgan Smith
Christine Tuchnowski

Spring 2013 Honor Roll for Social Responsibility:
Whitney Ballbach
Mimi Bui
Frida Jansaker
Samuel Ackerman
Marissa Wertheimer
Jennifer McRobert
Viviana Stavreva
Kathleen McCarthy
Josiah Jodrey
Kerianne Doran
Ashley Rotholz
Lia Webb
Julie Rodriguez
Scott Dawson
Jeffrey Zieminski
Maritza Gamboa
Noah Sakin
Jacqueline Orr
Maria Restuccio
Jordan Duffey
Stefanos Taliadoros
Kevin Beach
Marisa Dour
Michael Hart
Sarah Hodash
Morgan Smith
Kelly Cavanaugh
Nicholas Cianciara
Christine Conti
Aubrey Crawley
Cabriel Sullivan
Katherine Larson
Mary Sullivan
Whittney Levitt
Brenna Humphries
Katherine Welch
Derricus Spear
Connor Keenan
Katherine Pemberton
Alexa Carlin
Alain Monyette
William Llamas
Davis Millians
Benjamin Karas
Danin Greusel
Farrahn Hawkins
Daniel Kirk
Kelly Smith
Shruti Anantatmula
Melanie Seidman

“Beyond the satisfaction gained by serving others, the students who participate in this program develop a habit of service that will motivate continued contributions throughout their business careers,” Moorman said. “Further, I appreciate the chance to recognize and honor the service of our students, because doing so helps communicate to other LSB students how important service is to our mission here at Elon.”

This is the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility’s first year, The LSB intends on growing the program with the goal of having every LSB student earn a place on the honor roll at least once during their Elon career.

For more information about this program, contact Stacy Outlaw, director of undergraduate programs in the LSB, at soutlaw@elon.edu  or the Kernodle Center for Service Learning at (336) 278-7250.

5/13/2013 11:00 AM