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Research by Rissa Trachman featured in aerial camera company's video

ArchAerial, a Texas-based firm that produces remote-controlled "quad-copters" for capturing video from the air, spotlights work in Belize conducted by an Elon University anthropologist.

Assistant Professor Rissa Trachman

Summer research by Assistant Professor Rissa Trachman in the Central American nation of Belize is showcased in an advertisment for a Texas company that sells aerial drones for capturing video footage from above.

Trachman conducts archaeological research on the ancient Maya culture at the Dos Hombres site in northwestern Belize. The video in which ArchAerial's "quad-copters" were used illustrates the terrain and environmental conditions that confront researchers and students who take part in the excavations.

Trachman, a faculty member in the Department of Sociology and Anthrpology, has been conducting archaeology field work in Belize since 1997. She has been co-organizing field schools in Belize with the University of Texas since 2001, and began leading a field school through Elon in summer 2009.

Watch the full video here.


Eric Townsend,
8/7/2013 8:30 AM