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Transition Strategies: Revson Series – Life After Elon course

It’s not too late to sign up for this course for the second half of the Fall.  Sign up before you leave for break –  Friday, Oct. 21 is the last day you can register.

COE 310B: Transitions Strategies: Revson Series – Life After Elon

Concerned about life after Elon? Not sure you know how to balance your budget, find your first apartment or navigate the confusing world of insurance? Then sign up for this class that begins right after fall break.

This class will focus on preparation for life beyond Elon with the intent of bridging the transition from Elon to the “real world.” The course incorporates the Revson Series, which consists of eight separate lectures designed to provide students with basic “how-to” information relevant to their personal development and life after Elon. 

In addition, students will prepare for internships, co-ops, summer jobs, part-time and permanent employment and graduate school by developing a resume, establishing job contacts, identifying job search strategies and learning how to interview effectively. 

To register, look under Cooperative Education (COE) as the subject and 310 as the course number on OnTrack. Friday, Oct. 21 is the last day you can register.

Questions? Contact the Student Professional Development Center at (336) 278-6538 or by email at careerservices@elon.edu.

Rhonda Kosusko,
1/29/2016 8:00 AM