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Wilson Times: Health department's copy fees questioned

From The Wilson Times (8/30/13): Wilson County’s interim health director said he’ll consider revising policies for public records requests that may violate state law.

County Manager Ellis Williford said Thursday that he’d study the agency’s $3 processing fee for copies of health department records and the personal data it collects on people who make public records requests.

"If it’s not appropriate, we would certainly want to recommend the board revise it,” said Williford, who is leading the Wilson County Health Department while officials search for a new public health director.

The agency’s record-copying policy has "been around awhile,” Williford said, and officials didn’t know how long the rules had been in effect.

"Records exist for the management of the public services, and it should be transparent and obvious to the public what records are kept,” Williford said. "The records ought to be available to the public. Access should be as easy as possible.”

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Colin Donohue,
9/2/2013 11:10 AM