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End of Term Withdrawal Information

Information and instructions to students who plan to withdraw at the end of the term

Withdrawal Instructions and Information- Fall 2013 End of Term

The last day for processing medical withdrawals this term is Friday, November 22. Students must consult with the Office of Student Health and Wellness (Ellington Center 104) prior to that date if they plan to apply for a Medical Withdrawal for the Fall Term. We must have all documentation from their medical provider by Monday, November 25 to authorize grades of “WD”. Any requests or documentation received after that date will be treated as a regular end of term  withdrawal and regular end of course grading policies will apply.  Please also note that the office of Student Health and Wellness cannot authorize withdrawals from a single class (even medical withdrawals).

Students are reminded that if they withdraw from the University at this point in the  Fall 2013 term,  they will receive a “W” if they are passing the course on the date of the withdrawal or an “F” if they are not passing the course on the date of the withdrawal. Withdrawing does not “save” a student if the student does not successfully complete courses or take final exams.

Students should officially withdraw from Elon prior to matriculation at their next institution or if they plan to take some time off. If a student plans to leave at the end of the semester (after exams), below is some information about the end of semester withdrawal process.

Students planning to withdraw from the University at the end of the 2013 Fall Term should plan to complete a brief application following the last day of classes beginning December 4, 2013. Students  can pick up a copy of the withdrawal application in the Office of The Registrar (Alamance 102) and must get applicable office signatures prior to returning the form. Once the application is complete  students will return the application for withdrawal  to the Office of the Registrar in Alamance 102.  Students are also given the option for an exit interview with a Student Life staff member. Withdrawal interviews are conducted on a walk-in basis (no appointments).

 Students who do not plan to return for the Spring term or will not be enrolled in an Elon sponsored/affiliated program must formally withdraw from the University (even if they eventually plan to return to Elon)

  • All end of term withdrawals will be processed after final course grades are posted on December 13 and Academic Standing lists are posted. End of semester suspensions  and academic standing supersede withdrawals.
  • Students who plan to transfer to another institution and need a final transcript sent to another college should make arrangements with the Registrar's Office (Alamance 102) or by following directions on the Registrar’s website at http://www.elon.edu/e-web/administration/registrar/Transcriptparchment.xhtml .Cost is $ 5.00 per transcript.
  • If a student has a Deans Certification Form from their prospective institution, they should sign the release of information statement (usually directly on the form) and take the form to the Office of Student Conduct (Center for Leadership and Student Conduct) who will verify campus conduct standing and forward the form directly to the institution.
  • Students who receive any type of financial aid (scholarships, grants or loans) MUST consult with the Office of Financial Planning prior to leaving the University.
  • Students should also check with the Bursar to make sure any outstanding charges (Health Services, parking fines, library/media fines, etc.) are paid prior to withdrawing.
  • Student athletes must be cleared with the Department of Athletics, especially if they plan to participate in intercollegiate sports at a later time.
  • Students who are withdrawing and who live in campus owned or operated housing are responsible for notifying Residence Life (Moseley 213) of their plans to withdraw.
  • Elon University e-mail will be deactivated within 30 days of processing of the withdrawal
  • Campus mailbox will be  closed and all first class mail forwarded
  • The Phoenix card will be deactivated immediately upon processing of the withdrawal; any unused Phoenix cash will be refunded to the student  within 60 days
  • Students who plan to return to Elon must reapply per the readmission instructions on the Admissions website

If students decide to with draw after they leave campus in December, they can complete the withdrawal process by  contacting the Office of Student Health and Wellness at (336) 278-7200 for instructions.

Questions may be directed to The Office of Student Health and Wellness at (336) 278-7200.

Jana Lynn Patterson,
11/21/2013 2:25 PM