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Art History/Lumen Prize alumna Elizabeth Capel '13 published in undergraduate research journal

Elon's Art History and Lumen Prize scholar Elizabeth Capel's research project continues to bear fruit even after her graduation, as noted by its publication in Volume 6 of the International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities.

Capel presented parts of her lengthy research paper at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, SURF, and the Baker University Undergraduate Art History Conference. Capel, also an Elon College Fellow and Women's and Gender Studies Minor, is now a first-year student at UC Berkeley's Law School.

In addition to developing this project with mentor Associate Professor Kirstin Ringelberg over three years, Capel assisted Ethan Moore, coordinator of the university's art collection, with several exhibitions as well as collections management of the collection. She took a course on the problematics of art collecting with Dr. Evan Gatti; these experiences led to and enriched her research into the gendered nature of Gilded Age and Progressive Era art collections, a very small portion of which is showcased in this publication, titled "Money alone was not enough”: Continued Gendering of Women’s Gilded Age and Progressive Era Art Collecting Narratives".


Kirstin Ringelberg,
1/10/2014 8:20 PM