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A-Bar-A Ranch on-campus interviews - Feb. 12

Interviews will be held throughout the day. Check your EJN account to see if you qualify.

Beautiful sunset at the Grand Canyon

Along the banks of the North Platte River, in the heart of southern Wyoming's Medicine Bow Mountains, lies the A Bar A Ranch. Established in 1926, it is one of the oldest guest ranches in the country. It is also one of the 

largest: 140,000 acres for guests and staff to explore, surrounded by National Forest and Wilderness Area.

This is a magical place. Generations of families have created summer memories here. We invite you to share in this extraordinary experience.

Roles include:
Office: Great people skills, integrity, organizational skills, and office experience are a must. In this position you are in direct contact with every person on the ranch.

Children’s Counselor: We are looking for high-energy people who love children, teens, and the outdoors.

Wrangler: Excellent, proven horse skills required. Must enjoy working with people and be able to work long hours. Wrangler applicants need to submit a 5- to 10-minute video showing yourself catching, grooming, saddling, and riding a horse. The riding section should include walking, trotting, loping, and backing. Mail this to the A Bar A on a DVD. Please do not email your video.

Fishing Guide: Excellent fly-fishing experience required, including fly-tying, entomology, trout habitat improvement, and the ability to teach others.

Hazer/Shooting Range Instructor: Experience in all areas of gun safety and shooting range management and instruction are required. These instructors are also Hazers, who assist in a variety of guest service roles, and assume a variety of maintenance and transportation responsibilities.

Grounds Crew/Maintenance: Staff members with experience in work such as landscaping, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, fencing; willingness to work hard, to learn, and do general outdoor labor.

Flower Gardener: Responsible for planting and maintaining our annual and perennial flowerbeds and all landscaping around the ranch. Oversees the planting of new trees and shrubs and their maintenance during the summer.

Housekeeper: We are looking for detail-oriented people to clean all guest facilities, and assist in other areas around the ranch including guest service (serving, bartenders’ assistants) and projects such as painting, landscaping, etc.

Food Service: Responsible for all aspects of guest and staff food service, including waiting tables in our guest dining room/restaurant, doing dishes, cleaning, helping with cook-outs, serving staff meals, etc.

Cook: We’re looking for good team players with cooking experience, who have a strong interest in food preparation/culinary arts.

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1/31/2014 11:05 AM