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Pizza fundraiser - unlimited buy a pizza get a free pizza - only $10

Ever buy those coupons for fundraisers only to forget or lose them? Well, this one is a fridge magnet! It's always there in front of you! I have mine registered at Dominos so they always know that I have this. It's not automatic but when I mention it they look it up and there it is!

You can use it as many times as you wish at either of the establishments listed. I have buy a pizza get a free refrigerator magnets for sale for my son's youth group. They use the funds to go on missions trips.

Domino's Pizza and CiCi's pizza (Church Street location only) of Alamance County have graciously made available to us a fundraiser in the form of refrigerator magnets, which allow the user to purchase pizza from Domino's buy one at regular price get one free (equal or lesser value), and at CiCi's get a free adult buffet when you buy an adult buffet with two drinks any amount you wish as many times as you wish up to Oct. 15, 2014. We purchased one and compared it to the sales prices and only one time was it more advantageous to use the sale price over this coupon. We've used it at least a dozen times since last year. It has paid for itself many times already.


Wayne Thompson,
5/8/2014 8:55 PM