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Student leaders recognized at annual celebration event

ICLP Phase IV members, Tier graduates and other student leaders were recognized for achievements this year at an annual event May 2 organized by the Center for Leadership.

The Class of 2014 is the last graduating class of ICLP. The Tier Program has replaced ICLP, with three self-paced tiers.

Leadership skills can be compared to a bank account, according to Steve Mencarini, director for the Center for Leadership. Throughout their careers at Elon, students continue to make deposits into their accounts by gaining skills through internships, on-campus opportunities, involvement in Fellows programs and taking the initiative to be in the LEAD Program. As seniors approach graduation, they can withdraw from their account of in order to make a difference in the world.

On Tuesday, May 2, Mencarini used this metaphor when addressing about 100 students, staff and faculty members who gathered in the Lakeside Meeting Rooms to celebrate a successful year of leadership programs. Members of the graduating ICLP Phase IV class proudly displayed their legacy project boards around the room, fielding questions and praise about their accomplishments. Tier II graduates of the LEAD Program were awarded certificates of completion, and the CFL student team was recognized for its hard work planning workshops, organizing retreats and more. Alamance Youth Leadership Academy (AYLA) facilitators, members of the Leaders in a Global World LLC and AIL facilitators were also recognized for their contributions.

Jesse Lee '11 listened to his public to turn a recreational trike into one that caters to people with a variety of disabilities.

Attendees heard from Jesse Lee '11 who shared how leadership remains relevant after graduation. At Elon, he was an environmentalsStudies major and a leadership studies minor while balancing being a Leadership Fellow, Periclean Scholar and proactive environmental advocate. Since graduating, Lee opened a storefront for Outrider USA, an ultralight adventure trike company. His advice to graduating seniors can be summarized in one word: listen. He listened to his clients and transformed his recreational trike into the Horizon, an adaptive trike for people with a variety of disabilities. He says you can have great ideas and make great things, but if you do not listen to what is needed, you cannot create the same impact.

The evening concluded with a joint speech from Leadership Studies Award Recipients Mathew Goldberg '14 and Savannah Chaisson '15. As the respective Fulbright Scholar and Teach for America member head for new opportunities, they attributed their esteemed accomplishments to their experiences in leadership.

As the summer begins, the Center for Leadership will be busy preparing for another year of leadership programs, but it will remember the Class of 2015 who leaves behind a true legacy.

5/9/2014 2:30 PM