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Deal Spotlight: Discounts for warehouse membership

Elon employees signing up for the first time or renewing memberships at BJ’s Warehouse, Costco or Sam’s Club can take advantage of great savings.

BJ’s Warehouse
1433 Boone Station Drive, Burlington
Sales Rep – Frank Bolognini
(336) 693-7700

Are you interested in enrolling in BJ’s for the first time or renewing your membership at a bargain price? Elon employees receive the special renewal rate of $40 for two cards or $20 for one for 15 months.
            Here’s what you do:  Fill out the membership application to enroll for the first time or to renew. If you are renewing, include your membership number at the top and take completed form along with check made payable to BJ’s to Human Resources. HR will see that your request is processed and you can use the card within a few days.

Note: The deal only applies if you apply or renew through Human Resources. If you go to BJ’s Warehouse to renew, you won’t receive the special rate. You will be charged $50 for a 12-month renewal.

4201 W. Wendover Ave., Greensboro
Crystal – Manager
(336) 291-4010

If you join or renew Costco membership, you will receive a $10 gift card. Apply here.

Sam's Club - Collegiate Membership
4418 W. Wendover Ave.,
(336) 852-6212


Get a $15 gift card when you join or your Sam’s Club Collegiate Membership Program. Basic membership is $10. Plus membership is $100.

If you refer a friend, you and your friend receive a $10 gift card.

Print form and take it to Sam’s Club to claim $15 gift card. Valid Phoenix Card and Elon email address is required.

Roselee Papandrea Taylor,
7/18/2014 2:05 PM