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M&K LCD 750 THX speakers 

Much to my dismay, I have to part with the best 5.1 speaker system that I've ever had. I'd love to keep them, but we just do not have the space for them in our new home.

The M&K LCD 750 THX speakers were the first set produced to be certified for THX. After the THX spec was refined to have 2 levels of certification, the set was relisted as "THX Select" instead of "THX Ultra."

If you're an audiophile, you know (or should know) who M&K is and what they have done. If you're not, know this one fact: Dolby buys M&K equipment to define the newest sound specifications.

Set includes a single center speaker, 2 fronts, 2 rears, and the V1250THX subwoofer.

The 2 rear speakers have been barely used (2 months in total) and put back into the original box until they could be used again.

Everything has been cared for and is in pristine condition (unless you consider a thin layer of dust here & there).

Finish is black matte, so continuous cleaning of fingerprints is not an issue.  I only have 1 of the original boxes, but still have all of the manuals for the speakers and the subwoofer.

Moon Audio in Holly Springs carries this set brand new for $4,200.  (http://www.moon-audio.com/speakers/mk-sound-speakers/mk-sound-750-series-home-theater-package.html)

Intelligent Electronics in Raleigh sells this set brand new for $4,800 if you buy the pieces individually, but will reduce it to $4,320 (10% off) if you buy it all at once.

Asking $3,000 to take them away, give them a good home, and put them to good use. (You're getting the subwoofer for free at this price!)


If you have any questions, please let me know.  If you're interested, we can setup a time where you can come to my home and inspect them.

Thanks for looking!



Natalie Marrone,
12/2/2016 11:39 AM