School of Education

Success Mentors

“Elon must not become a gated community open only to those of privilege, and our classrooms and campus life will be much richer when we recruit more students from diverse backgrounds who challenge and lead us by sharing their own life stories...” -President Leo M. Lambert

We define Success as:

Seeing your Goal
Understanding the obstacles
Creating a positive mental picture
Clearing your mind of self doubt
Embracing the challenge
Staying on track
Showing the world you can do it

Success Mentors Vision

To build a sense of belonging and empowerment among first-year students who are first-generation and/or have financial need. As a socioeconomically diverse community, we support students through mentoring and workshops. Our program ensures students have a strong awareness of campus programs and resources and understand how to assess multiple avenues of success and achievement at Elon.

Success Mentors Goals

  • Support first-year, first-generation students and students with financial need in their transition to Elon by connecting them with faculty, staff and students who share an aspect of their socioeconomic identity.
  • Increase a sense of belonging among students through consistent mentoring relationships and monthly development workshops.
  • Support students’ academic, personal and professional success, empowering them to become dynamic leaders on campus, in the nation and around the globe.

Get Involved

  • To be a first-year mentee for the 2017-2018 school year, sign up here.
  • We are now hiring volunteer mentors for the 2017-2018 school year! To be a faculty or upperclassmen mentor, sign up here.
  • For workshop dates, questions or more information, find us on Phoenix Connect or contact Dr. Janelle Rouse at