Elon University offers a B.S.B.A. degree with a major in Marketing with a focus in sales, as well as a minor in Professional Sales.

Develop the skills needed to understand business-to-business selling. Learn how to better communicate with customers, including how to uncover their unique needs. Hone critical thinking skills to provide creative solutions. Adapt to the changing selling environment. Learn to overcome objections and close the sale. Sharpen these skills in realistic sales scenarios, using state of the art technology in the Chandler Family Professional Sales Center.

More than 15 million people work in sales, yet the rest of the population is also selling—not just objects, but ideas and techniques as well. In fact, recent research has shown that people spend 40 percent of their work time selling something, regardless of their profession! Our sales curriculum gives students access to specialized training that focuses on sales concepts combined with real-world sales techniques. The courses allow students to improve communication and selling/persuasion skills, which are key skills today’s employers across all professions desire.


Professional Selling
This course focuses on developing relationships by developing powerful interpersonal communication skills, understanding buyer motivations and adding value to clients through long-term relationships. This course combines theory with real-world examples to allow students to understand how professional salespersons implement marketing plans and successfully undertake their role in identifying and satisfying customer needs.

Sales Management
The sales management course is an analysis of professional selling practices with emphasis on the selling process and sales management, including the development of territories, determining potentials and forecasts, and setting sales quotas. Students also learn how salespersons are recruited, trained, motivated and evaluated in a global economy.

Business-to-Business Marketing
This course for the marketing concentration focuses on exploring and understanding business-to-business (B2B) marketing. The study of B2B marketing provides an opportunity for students to synthesize their knowledge of B2B or industrial marketing with other, highly-related business disciplines (accounting, finance and management) in order to move products through the supply chain from producer to the ultimate consumer. B2B relationships, interfaces, strategies, problems and performance measures are explored through the case method.