Certificate in Professional Sales Leadership

The Certificate in Professional Sales Leadership consists of in depth analysis of your business, five core sales modules, role plays and reinforcement training.

I. Business Analysis

Utilizing surveys, interviews and analysis, sales consultants gain deeper understanding of business process and challenges. Our approach creates a unique sales training experience. 

During the analysis, the following information will be collected:
• Customer acquisition cycle
• Profile of current clients and characteristics of the ideal prospect
• Current challenges executives face within a sales context
• Executives' view of business development and sales

II. Core Modules

After completing the program's five core modules, sales professionals will be able to:

Sell more efficiently
Decrease sales cyles

Enhance customer relationships
Develop more profitable engagements with clients

Increase sales conversion
Have customer buy vs. being sold

Bring added value
Listen first, solve second

Differentiate your company
Secure a competitive advantage through skill and value development

III. Sales Meeting Assessment

Utilizing Elon’s state of the art Sales Lab, our sales consultants will coordinate role-plays with your sales professionals. Role-playing provides an excellent opportunity for sales professionals to learn and practice selling skills.

Assessment includes:
• Recording of each role play in Chandler Family Professional Sales Center
• Critique and assessment of role play by an Elon sales consultant
• Self-assessment
• Feedback and recording provided to each sales professional

IV. Sales Coaching

After training we want to ensure executives have developed and applied the skills learned in the sales program. Elon sales consultants will coordinate one-on-one follow up sessions with each participant of the sales program.

Additional modules are available to complement the concepts learned in this program. To read more about them, click here.

Customized programs are available for your sales organization’s unique needs and challenges. For more information, please contact Michael Rodriguez at mrodriguez4@elon.edu.