Student Entrepreneurs

The Doherty Center would like to recognize and highlight the entrepreneurial spirit of our students by showcasing them on a rotational basis. Here are a few entrepreneurs from our Elon community. Please check back to read about other Elon student entrepreneurs.

Jensen Roll '16

President, H.O.P.E. - Helping Other People Eat
Major: Social Entrepreneurship

H.O.P.E. - Helping Other People Eat fights hunger by providing sustainable financial support to local food pantries.

Christopher Grippo '16

Founder, Wabo
Majors: Economics & Environmental Studies

Wabo started off as a social impact campaign. The idea was pretty simple: take pictures of your wabo (any reusable water bottle) and post them on social media with the hashtag - #mywabo. Through this awareness we would promote the use of reusable water bottles over disposable water bottles. Since then Wabo has grown to be its own brand. We sell stickers to let people tag their own wabos and be part of the movement. We believe every bottle has a story and we are trying to make it cool to have a wabo your own. We are currently working to take Wabo to the next level and create our very own wabo bottles.

Kellen Sorensen '16

Founder, Phuse
Major: Entrepreneurship

Phuse is a start-up business that is designed to help gardeners. We create biodegradable technology which accelerates and eases the process of planting trees and flowers. Phuse is currently prototyping and testing.

Devin Mehra '16

Founder, 22nd Century Solutions
Major: Media Analytics

The company has created a dating app called When & Where. One person picks a place, the other a time, and then the two can message.