Executive Education Program

Why Elon ExecEd?

Elon ExecEd helps private, public and nonprofit organizations and their employees acquire the capabilities they need to compete in a global economy. We take the time to listen to what you have to say about the issues and challenges facing your firm and your management team. Next, we help you identify opportunities, overcome obstacles, develop resources and craft strategies specifically designed for your firm. Finally, we provide customized, cost-effective, performance-driven solutions.

Solutions for Your Organization


Elon ExecEd develops customized programs unique to each client’s needs. We use a consulting model that begins with discussions with management and staff to identify issues confronting the firm. We then work with the organization in the design and delivery of programs specific to the needs of the firm.


Elon ExecEd works with your team and your firm to create and sustain competitive advantage, drive change, maximize performance, facilitate collaboration, enhance communication and stimulate innovation.

The Consulting Relationship

Working with Elon ExecEd gives your firm access to the resources of the Love School of Business. Two recent partnerships illustrate how Elon ExecEd and the Love School of Business can serve your needs.

Strategic Planning

After an Elon MBA class helped an area firm with a marketing project, the firm’s management contacted Elon ExecEd for help with corporate restructuring and the development of strategies for growth. ExecEd faculty met with the senior management team to identify obstacles to growth and conducted workshops that improved communication and identifying strengths and weaknesses. ExecEd then guided the firm through the development of a new strategic plan and hosted follow-up meetings at the Love School of Business to ensure successful implementation of the new strategies.

Product Innovation

A regional manufacturing firm contacted Elon ExecEd to help rethink and reposition its product mix. ExecEd faculty visited the firm and interviewed management, and then facilitated brainstorming workshops focused on developing new products and markets. An Elon MBA class then conducted a feasibility study of the most promising suggestions.