Executive Education Program

Creating a Culture of Employee Engagement

This highly interactive, three hour workshop guides participants through an exploration of what is meant by employee engagement and how to create an environment of engagement from hiring through retirement. As the economy continues to improve, more employee turnover will occur. Organizations that will be able to attract and retain the best talent are those that understand that employees expect more than a paycheck from their employer. 

Instruction for this course includes exercises, case studies and role play, inviting participants to develop a deep understanding of what employee engagement looks like and how to obtain it. Participants will leave with an action plan for how to incorporate lessons learned in their workplaces.

Upon completion of the workshop, you should:
• Be able to define employee engagement
• Understand the factors that influence employee engagement
• Identify the factors that prevent employee engagement
• Be able to create a more engaging workplace
• Have developed an action plan for incorporating new knowledge into your workplace

This course is appropriate for:
• Managers at all levels who want to create an engaged workplace that leads to greater productivity and more satisfied employees
• Business owners who are seeking to create an inviting workplace and gain a competitive advantage in their industry

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