Executive Education Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are programs held?

They can be held in the Ernest A. Koury, Sr. Business Center on Elon Unviersity’s campus or at your request, they can be held at a different location, to include your organization's place of business. They also may be held at the Elon MBA’s new location at The Solution Center in RTP.

Who is doing the training?

The training is done by full-time Martha and Spencer Love School of Business faculty members. These individuals all have experience in the private and professional world in addition to their academic credentials.

What types of training are offered?

This depends to some extent on your organization's needs, as we try to meet those needs with customized content. Elon ExecEd can provide expertise and assistance in such areas as corporate and business communications, project management, leadership, all areas of human resource management, supply chain and logistics, innovation, and strategic thinking.

How are the fees structured?

Fees generally are based on contact hours or length of training. Fees can also be set per workshop, allowing your organization flexibility regarding the number employees who might participate. Accordingly, fees can be determined by attendance or through a flat fee per training module.

What is the time frame for planning and delivery?

Effective training requires adequate time to prepare and plan. It is particularly important with custom programs as the faculty person delivering the program needs time to learn about your organization and its needs.

How does a client investigate or initiate a workshop or training?

Please email Elon’s ExecEd program at execed@elon.edu with your contact information and the subject area(s) your organization is interested in or call at 336.278.5949.

How can a client know if the training is effective?

Elon’s ExecEd program always begins a training program with a clear statement of goals and expectations for that training.  We then conduct a follow-up assessment after the training is delivered. The timing of this follow up is determined by the nature of the training itself. 

How is payment for training structured?

A percentage of the total fees are payable in advance of program delivery, with the balance payable at the program’s conclusion.