Executive Education Program

Leading Innovation

The course is designed and dedicated to developing leaders that understand the innovation process and can generate innovative solutions systematically, consistently, and creatively.  Innovation is neither magical nor province of a few creative souls.  It is a process.  A process that, once understood, can be taught, implemented, and consistently repeated going forward within the context of established organizations.   While the course focuses on leading the innovation process, it will also assist participants in improving their own level of creativity as well as understand innovation from the strategic level.  These levels are crucial since to manage innovation one must appreciate creativity and, as companies are increasing finding out today, not all innovations are equally strategic. 

These courses are appropriate for:

• Individuals interested in learning how to become more creative and lead innovation initiatives
• Managers looking to enhance the innovation output of their group
• Leaders focused on developing a strategic advantage through innovation
• Corporate teams assigned to develop innovation initiatives
• Organizational leaders seeking the skill set to develop a culture of innovation

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