Executive Education Program


The Basis of Leadership – Understanding Leadership and Yourself

All leadership development begins with examining how we lead now and whether our current leadership methods are the most effective for us.  In this session, participants will assess their baseline leadership styles and skills and how they can leverage strengths and improve weaknesses.

The First Challenge of Leadership – Thinking Strategically

It is not a secret that competition is becoming increasingly global while technology fundamentally disrupts many industries.  The key is to not only recognize these changes but understand their implications and possibilities.  How will current business models be impacted? What new opportunities are now possible?  Where might new threats come from?  This session focuses on developing a framework of “strategic thinking” to view change from a strategic perspective. 

Catalyzing Innovation

Many surveys of business executives list innovation as the top priority for future business growth.  No other issue is even close.  However, the question is whether organizations need to innovate but “how”. How can you be more creative and innovative?  How can you lead others to be more innovative?  How can you make your organization strategically innovative?  This session will debunk the myths surrounding innovation, expose the organizational factors that inhibit innovation, reveal the lessons from organizations that consistently innovate, and highlight the leadership attributes associated with successful innovations.

Leading Change

Change is inevitable and good leaders understand and can manage change well. In this session you will assess your change management style, understand the differences in change management styles, and learn how to strengthen your organization’s ability to manage change while working in collaboration.

Communicating the Vision

In this session you will learn proven strategies to help you effectively communicate vision and mission to those around you. You will learn the value of influence and the power of motivation in leadership.

Leading High Performing Teams

Achieving the objectives of an organization requires a team that has the necessary skills, is fully committed to the task, and is led by a leader who possesses effective organization, communication and leadership skills. This session will cover the creation and development of high performing project teams.

Understanding (and Using) Conflict

Conflicts will be experienced in all organizational environments. Leaders assume the role of conflict manager and may be called on to respond to a wide range of issues. The ability to handle conflict requires an understanding of why conflict occurs and how it may be addressed successfully. This session will provide participants with an understanding of how to manage and resolve task and interpersonal conflicts within teams.

Becoming the Leader You Wish to Be:  Planning for Continued Leadership Success

We will conclude our examination of leadership by focusing on the value of leading in ways that emerge authentically from who we are.  We will examine how our values and experiences help shape our leadership successes and will develop a leadership action plan that can help guide our future leadership endeavours. 

For further information contact Bethany Delk at (336) 278-6093 or bdelk@elon.edu.