Executive Education Program

What is Leadership U?

Leadership is the process where leaders and followers work together to drive important change in individuals, teams, and organizations. The leadership process may be described simply but requires complex sets of knowledge and skills to execute effectively. Leadership U is designed to offer both emerging and established leaders the opportunity to examine their own leadership beliefs and skills and to develop further the leadership skills needed to succeed.

Leadership U is based on the belief that we all currently lead, so in order to develop our leadership further, we must first assess our baseline leadership styles and skills.  Participants will work together to discuss what leadership means to them, how they have been successful leaders already, and what may help them focus their leadership development efforts further. Throughout the nine month program participants will build their leadership skills using activities, assessments, case studies, industry and expert speakers, and a myriad of in and out of class experiences. At the end of the program, participants will examine their personal leadership styles and successes and develop a leadership action plan to guide future leadership endeavors.

This program is appropriate for:
• Ambitious and talented professionals seeking to build upon leadership skills
• Individuals interested in learning from successful community leadership role models
• Early to mid-level managers seeking to rise to the next level

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