Executive Education Program

Developing Negotiation Skills for Effective Management

Learn how to improve your negotiations skills with training in how to achieve your objectives while creating value and maintaining long-term relationships with your counterparts. Elon ExecEd will put you on the road to becoming a more successful negotiator by: (1) exploring the psychology of negotiations, and (2) giving you practice with developing your negotiation skills and personal style. At the end of this course, you should be able to analyze bargaining situations and feel more confident in your ability to create and claim value in negotiations situations, improving both business and personal relationships.

Specifically, you should be able to:

• Analyze a bargaining situation and determine whether it is distributive or integrative, and based on this diagnosis, choose an appropriate strategy to achieve the best possible results for yourself while considering the desires of the other party
• Create value using integrative tactics
• Maintain positive relationships with your negotiation counterparts
• Better manage contentious disputes
• Build trust with a counterparty in a negotiations setting
• Be a more effective third-party mediator

These courses are appropriate for:

  • Early career managers through executives with no previous training in negotiations
  • Early career managers through executives with limited training who would like to further develop their skills, gain experience through practice, and enhance their techniques

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