Executive Education Program


Required courses: 

PR-100 – Basic Principles of Public Relations

In this session, participants will get an overview of the role of public relations in various organizations and come to understand basic principles of public relations. The session will cover:

- How a company’s reputation affects its success
- Identifying key stakeholder groups
- The role of the public relations function in an organization
- Elements of public relations activity

PR-101 – Media Relations

In this class, participants will learn how the news media can affect the reputation and success of organizations. They will learn how the media operates and how media relations strategy is designed to help an organization successfully navigate its relationship with the press. Participants will learn:

- How the news media functions – myths and realities
- Media relations principles
- The role of media relations in marketing

PR-102 – Social Media & Emerging Technologies

In this session, participants will learn about social media and emerging technologies that are affecting organizations positively and negatively. They will also learn how companies are responding to this changing environment, and how social media is playing a greater role in how individuals manage their careers. The class will cover:

- The social media landscape today
- Reputation management and emerging technologies
- The role of social media in marketing
- Social media in your career

PR-103 – Crisis Communications

In this class, participants will learn about how various kinds of crises affect companies and organizations and the key role that communications can play in mitigating those crises. Participants will learn:

- The types of crises companies face
- How to identify and manage potential crisis risk for your organization
- How to prepare for a crisis
- Crisis communications principles

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