Executive Education Program

How it Works

When are the courses held?

Where are the courses held?
In the Koury Business Center at Elon University.  Click here for directions.

How are the courses structured?
The course will be taught over four, three-hour sessions. Each session will include presentation of basic subject matter from the instructor, class discussion of the material and work in small groups. The discussion and small group work is designed to help participants understand how to apply the subject matter to their own organizations now or in the future.

Is there course work outside of class?
The instructor will assign some out-of-class work to be completed between sessions by the participants. This will be primarily independent reading and research and some individual writing. Participants may be asked to give short presentations on their work to the class, but out-of-class assignments will not be overly burdensome.

Who teaches the course?
The course is taught by a public relations professional with almost 20 years of media and communications experience. The instructor has first-hand knowledge in advising senior executives, including CEOs, on all aspects of public relations and in implementing a wide variety of public relations and communications programs for business and nonprofits organizations. (See instructor bio for further details.)

How much are the courses?
The cost is $960 per person for the Certificate in Public Relations for Executives. The program fee includes instruction, materials, refreshments and any applicable case studies, articles, books, etc.

Do I have to take the courses in a specific order?
The four modules are designed sequentially, with material in each session building upon the information presented in the previous session. To gain maximum value from the course, and receive the certificate, participants should attend all four sessions.

What if I can’t participate in a course on the day it is scheduled?
Participants are encouraged to be present for each course module. Maximum benefit from the courses will be derived not only from the subject matter presented by the instructor, but also by the class discussion, work in small groups and interaction with other professionals. However, if a participant misses a class, the instructor will provide course materials (slide presentations, case studies, etc.) that were presented during the class to the participant.

When do I receive my certificate?
After the successful completion of the course, a certificate of completion will be presented to the participant.