The Business Fellows Experience

See what our alumni say about the program.

"As a result of the Business Fellows program, I was exposed to ideas, people, industries, and cultures I might not have otherwise considered.  It was through this period of growth that I discovered my interest in entrepreneurship."

-Austin Rhoads '14
Austin double majored in international business and marketing and now works for Vero Water. Austin is also a Venture for America fellow.

"I have most enjoyed getting the opportunity to experience so many unique opportunities. From being in the Business Fellows program, I have been able to travel to Mexico during Winter Term my first year and to New York for a networking trip my junior year. I was also able to advise a company during my senior capstone."

- D. Patrick Brown '14
Patrick double majored in economics and political science and now works for Transact Capital.

“The Business Fellows program helped me gain experience with teamwork, networking and leadership. The best part of the program was the friendships I formed and the doors the program opened up for me.”

– Stephanie Blonchek '12
Stephanie majored in accounting and marketing and now works for Ernst and Young.

“The best part about the program for me was the trip to Mexico. It showed us the importance of international relations and the importance of understanding other cultures. The program also helped me set myself apart from other candidates during the job interview process.”

– Joe Patterson '12
Joe majored in economics and is now attending Notre Dame School of Law.

“The program has taught me valuable leadership skills that I have been able to translate to the business world. It has also helped me to gain networking opportunities with professionals that I would not have had otherwise.”

– Allison Brewer '12
Allison majored in accounting and now works for Cherry, Bekaert, and Holland.