LSB Sophomore Success FAQ

What does the registration fee cover?

The fee covers program materials including a professional padfolio and a networking reception at the end to conclude the evening.

What do I need to bring?

A positive attitude, a writing utensil and a copy of your resume.

What should I wear?

Business professional dress is recommended. This means a business suit, dark socks and dark shoes for men and a business suit or appropriate skirt/pants and shirt for women. If you do not have a suit, then properly ironed slacks and a business appropriate shirt will be okay.

Who are the professional representatives I will meet with? Do I get to choose who I meet with?

The professional representatives attending the event will represent a wide range of companies and industries. Due to event logistics and total number of expected students, you will NOT be able to request who you would like to meet with. You will meet with, at minimum, three different professional representatives through the course of the event and have an additional networking opportunity at the end.

What is an elevator speech?

An elevator speech, also known as a 30-second commercial, is a brief self-marketing technique. It is a well-developed answer to the statement, “Tell me about yourself,” that typically includes:

  • Your name
  • Major (minors)
  • Previous work experience
  • Area of professional expertise and/or future interest
  • Strengths or skills that you would bring to a job opportunity

Will attending this program lead to an internship offer?

The intent of this program is not to lead to an internship offer, as it is designed to engage you in three important career development situations: networking, resume review and interviewing as practice for future job applications and interviews. The program DOES offer you the opportunity to meet professional representatives and build your networking base.

I have an LSB major, but I’m not a sophomore. May I attend?

LSB Sophomore Success is designed with sophomores in mind. The professional representatives will tailor their feedback based on where they believe a sophomore student should be in their career development process. If you are not a sophomore and interested in attending, please contact Danielle Golinski at the Porter Family Professional Development Center during her drop-in hours or by appointment.

I do not have an LSB major, but I do have an LSB minor. May I attend?

If registration slots fill up, priority will be given to students with an LSB major. Students will an LSB minor are encouraged to register under the above understanding. Contact Danielle Golinski to discuss further.

What if I can’t attend this year?

The next LSB Sophomore Success will be held in spring 2017.

I don’t feel prepared for LSB Sophomore Success. What should I do?

LSB Sophomore Success is designed to assist you in gaining practice and feeling more confident about the job and internship application and interview process. As a sophomore we don’t expect you to have had a great deal of experience interacting with professional representatives.

If you are particularly concerned about a specific aspect of the program (networking, resume review, interviewing) you are encouraged to make an appointment with a Porter Center Advisor for assistance. You can make an appointment by stopping by the Porter Family Professional Development Center office (KoBC 106) or calling the front desk 336.278.6064.