FAQ for Employers

Why should I hire a Love School of Business student intern?
Interns are valuable assets that assist companies with a wide array of projects and assignments and increase the innovative energy of the company’s atmosphere.

What are the benefits of hiring an intern?
Benefits to hiring an intern include the following:
1. Work completed by a motivated, young energetic pre-professional
2. Opportunity to help a pre-professional develop his/her skills and clarify his/her career path

How can I hire an intern from Elon University?
You can contact the Porter Family Professional Development Center located in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business at 336-278-6064. You can also post jobs on the Elon Job Network (EJN).

What is the Elon Job Network? Is there a fee to register on EJN?
The Elon Job Network (EJN) is a user-friendly computerized system that allows employers to register and post jobs and internships that are available for Elon University students. Employers can also view students' resumes. There is no fee to register on EJN.
Visit the Elon Job Network to register.

How many interns should I hire?
It is solely up to the employer to how many interns they would like to hire.

May I interview candidates at the Love School of Business?
Yes. We suggest reserving a space in advance to ensure availability. To reserve an interview space please contact the Porter Family Professional Development Center at 336-278-6064.

Is there a fee to hire interns from Elon University?
No, we do not require a fee.

Do I have the option to have a paid or unpaid internship?
While there is no obligation to pay an intern, experience has proven that time after time that companies gain much more from interns who are paid. Companies expect more and students deliver more.

How many hours are interns allowed to work? Or participate in an internship program?
As of Fall 2011, the Love School of Business gives 1 credit for every 80 hours of internship work. Students can earn a maximum of 4 credits, which is equal to 320 hours of internship work. However, if the students are not receiving credit, they can arrange a work schedule that is conducive to them and their internship site.

Do I need to have a formal internship program in place?
No, but it does help the company and the intern if you have a project or assignment in place for them to work on prior to their start date.

What is my role as an internship supervisor?
As an internship supervisor, your role is to guide, educate and mentor your intern. We ask that you give them a valuable experience that will assist them in their growth and development as they embark on future endeavors in the global society in which we live.

We also require:
1. A letter or email stating that the student has received an internship with your company.
2. A signed proposal within two weeks of the internship. The proposal is collaboration between the internship supervisor and intern. The proposal states the goals and objectives of the internship as well as a brief description of the projects that will be assigned.
3. A document that states the total of hours completed by the intern. This should be verified and signed by the internship supervisor upon completion of the internship.
4. Internship supervisors to complete an online evaluation of the student intern(s).