Conference Speakers

Personal Branding & Etiquette Luncheon

Maribeth Hudgins

Maribeth Hudgins is the founder and owner of DressCode Consulting and Retail. Her coaching philosophy developed from her days as a mortgage banker, where she discovered quickly the role image and presence played in personal success. DressCode’s guidelines and strategies evolved from the knowledge she gained in the banking world. Hudgins' coaching philosophy is about identifying and creating an individual and effective professional image that is unique and personal. Her approach focuses on personality, career goals, budget and responsibilities. Believing that your best image and presence have to be authentic in order to sustain it, Hudgins’ goal is help you discover your brand and deliver a value proposition you believe in and can deliver daily. She has a B.S. degree in Interpersonal Communication from the University of North Carolina--Greensboro, and is a member of Association of Image Consultants International. Hudgins is also a mother of two teenagers and a community advocate.

Mary Margaret Hart

Mary Margaret Hart is the millennial of the DressCode team. Focusing on each individual, Hart empowers clients to maximize their career potential through presence and non-verbal communication. As a young professional, Hart believes that sending a clear and consistent message is essential to achieving your short and long term career goals. Understanding the challenges fellow millennials face in the new and changing workplace, Hart focuses on practical and powerful changes individuals can make to improve and align their brand image with career goals.

Hart began her career in fine arts administration working for regional and national nonprofit organizations. Though her experience in the nonprofit sector with boards, fundraising and marketing, Hart learned the importance presence and image can have on the success of programs, presentations and careers. Hart obtained a B.A. from Furman University and her master's degree from the University of North Carolina--Greensboro.

The Art of Telling

Gary Tomlinson
Tomlinson & Associates

An entrepreneur and founder of five successful businesses, Gary Tomlinson is well versed in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, corporate culture, strategy-execution management and effective communication skills. From the time he worked as an operating room technician, more than 35 years ago, Tomlinson saw the value in learning by doing as well as by teaching.

Today, as a strexecutionist specializing in strategy implementation, Tomlinson uses his on-going education and his 35 plus years of experience to help businesses work on their business so that they can work better in their business. He works with executive leadership teams to establish execution management as a competency in their organizations.