The Love Award for Excellence in Business Leadership

The Love Award for Excellence in Business Leadership honors and provides financial support for a student in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business to complete an independent research project on a business-related topic.  

Eligible Students

Rising seniors enrolled in any major in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business (Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, International Economics, Management or Marketing)

Amount of Award

One $12,000 award (to be used for completion of project and tuition)

Project Requirements

The typical project will involve an in-depth independent research project that might include an internship, service learning, leadership or study abroad experience. A project may address a business question for a particular organization or can be broader in scope, addressing an issue that cuts across organizations or industries. Projects will establish standards of creativity and excellence that will inspire others, have clearly defined objectives and tangible results, and will culminate in a written document and public presentation to the faculty and students of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business and other appropriate parties.

The student is responsible for securing a faculty mentor for the project. The mentor must be a professor in the Love School of Business and should be identified in the proposal.

Application Process


Selection Process

A selection committee composed of faculty in the Love School of Business will select the award recipient based on the applicant’s promise for success in his or her chosen business discipline and his or her commitment to making a difference as a leader in the local and global community; financial need will be considered when choosing among otherwise equally meritorious candidates.

Past Recipients

2014 - Laura Orr, finance and entrepreneurship double major
"Bridging the Gap: The Obstacles & Opportunities of Knowledge Transfer in Evidence-Based Management"

2013 - Richard Segal, accounting and finance double major
"The Effect of Feasibility Studies on the Convention Center Industry"

2012 - Patrick Brown, economics and political science double major
"The Economic and Ethical Implications of Privatizing Passenger Rail Travel in the United States"

2011 - Jacqueline Evans, accounting and international business double major
"The Influence of Historical Architecture on Modern Tourism"

2010 - Jennifer Kirts, accounting and management double major
"Sustainability and the Hospitality Industry"

2009 - Danielle Lewald, marketing and spanish double major
"An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Adult ESL Programs for Spanish Speakers in Alamance County"

2009 - Alex Trevisan, entrepreneurship major
"A Diagnostic Review of the Positive Economic Impact of Business Incubation on Local Communities"

2008 - Miya Stodghill, management major
"Women’s Education and its Effects in Developing Nations: A Collaboration of Research and International Service"

2007 - Allison Ellmers, accounting major
"Outcomes of Service and Learning in Guatemala"