2014-15 Management  requirements

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a major in Management requires 73-76 hours in the following courses:

 Select one course from the following: 4 sh
MTH 116 Applied Calculus  
MTH 151 Calculus  I  
ECO 111 Principles of Economics 4 sh
ECO 203 Statistics for Decision Making 4 sh
ACC 201 Principles of Financial Accounting 4 sh
ACC 212 Principles of Managerial Accounting 4 sh
CIS 211 Management Information Systems 4 sh
BUS 202 Business Communications 4 sh
BUS 221 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business 2 sh
MKT 311 Principles of Marketing 4 sh
MKT 323 Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior 4 sh
BUS 326 Operations and Supply Chain Management 4 sh
BUS 465 Business Policy 4 sh
BUS 381 Internship in Business 1-4 sh
FIN 343 Principles of Finance 4 sh
 Total core requirements: 53-56
ECO 301 Business Economics 4 sh
MGT 410 Project Management 4 sh
MGT 411 Process, Systems and Technology  4 sh
 Select two courses from the following  4 sh
MGT 412 Advanced Organizational Behavior  
MGT 421 Human Resource Management  
MGT 422 Sustainable Enterprise Management  
MGT 423 Innovation Dynamics   
MGT 424 International Business Management   
  A course preapproved by the Chair of the Management Department that is not limited to LSB  
 TOTAL73-76 sh

Students with double majors in Finance and either Management, Marketing or Entrepreneurship may take ECO 301 in lieu of ECO 310.

For students double majoring in two BSBA majors, a course that is eligible to count for two majors can only count towards one. For example, MG 423 can count towards the MGT major and the ENT major. If a student is double majoring in MGT and ENT and takes MGT 423, this course can count toward the MGT or ENT major, but not both. However, we do allow a student to double count a course in a BSBA major and a minor. For example, a student majoring in MGT and minoring in ENT can have MGT 423 count for both the major and the minor. 

This page was updated on June 30, 2014.