2009-10 Marketing concentration requirements

The degree requires 70-78 semester hours through the following courses:

 Select one course from the following: 4 sh 
MTH 116  Applied Calculus   
MTH 121  Calculus I   
ECO 111  Principles of Economics  4 sh 
ECO 203  Statistics for Decision Making  4 sh 
ECO 301  Business Economics  4 sh 
ACC 201  Principles of Financial Accounting  4 sh 
ACC 212  Principles of Managerial Accounting  4 sh 
CIS 211  Management Information Systems  4 sh 
BUS 202  Business Communications  4 sh 
BUS 221  Legal Environment of Business  2 sh 
BUS 311  Principles of Marketing  4 sh 
BUS 323  Principles of Management  4 sh 
BUS 326  Operations Management  4 sh 
BUS 465  Business Policy  4 sh 
FIN 343  Principles of Finance  4 sh 
 Sixteen hours of marketing courses, including: 16 sh 
  One 300-400 level course from the Studies
of Arts and Sciences course offerings (Expression,
Civilization, Society or Science). The course
selected must be taken in addition to the upper-
level GST and Advanced Study courses already
required, and it may not also count for any other
course in the student's program of study.
Advisors may assist students in selection of an
appropriate course which should enhance the
subject matter of the student's concentration. 
BUS 414  Marketing Research   
 Select two courses from the following:   
BUS 413  Integrated Marketing Communications   
BUS 415  Consumer Behavior   
BUS 416  Global Marketing   
BUS 417  Business-to-Business Marketing   
BUS 419  Sales Management   
BUS 473  Special Topics in Marketing