Professional Sales Minor

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A marketing minor in Professional Sales requires the following courses:

Must complete the following:  
ECO 111 Principles of Economics 4 sh         
BUS 202 Business Communications 4 sh
MKT 311 Principles of Marketing 4 sh
MKT 418 Professional Selling 4 sh 
MKT 419 Sales Management 4 sh 
Choose one course from the following: 4 sh
MKT 412 New Products Development and Branding  
MKT 413 Integrated Marketing Communications  
MKT 414 Marketing Research  
MKT 415 Consumer Behavior  
MKT 416 Global Marketing  
MKT 417 Business-to-Business Marketing  
MKT 420 Customer Relationship Management  
MKT 473 Special Topics in Marketing  
A course preapproved by the Director of the Chandler Family Professional Sales Center; this course is not limited to LSB courses.  
 Total24 sh         

Note: Students with a major in Marketing may not declare a minor in Professional Sales.

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