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MBA Curriculum

The MBA program allows students to complete the program at their own pace. Taking one course per semester allows you to finish the degree in 33 months, or, if you prefer, take two classes per semester and finish in 18-21 months. Accommodating the busy schedules of working professionals, the flexible design of the Elon MBA also allows for semesters off. You decide your own timetable. 

Foundation Courses

FIN 472: Principles of Finance
ACC 472: Principles of Financial Accounting

The MBA program requires that all students take foundation coursework in accounting and finance prior to enrolling in the core MBA accounting and finance courses. These two foundation classes are taught by Elon MBA faculty and are designed specifically to prepare students for the core MBA classes.

Core Courses

MBA 501: Goal Setting & Career Development I
MBA 502: Goal Setting & Career Development II
MBA 511: Enhancing Managerial Communications
MBA 521: Economic Policy and the Global Environment
MBA 531: Accounting for Managerial Decisions
MBA 541: Marketing Management
MBA 551: Financial Management
MBA 562: Applications in Management & Organizational Theory
MBA 581: International Business
MBA 585: Strategic Thinking
Organizational Systems Requirement*

*Students can satisfy this requirement by taking one of the following courses:
MBA 561: Advanced Operations and Supply Chain
MBA 565: Project Management
MBA 567: Management Information Systems
MBA 568: Analytics I – Spreadsheet Decision Modeling

(Additional courses from the four listed below may be taken as electives.)

Learn more about the core courses by reviewing course descriptions.


The MBA curriculum also includes three elective courses. Students can choose to concentrate in a particular area or take electives from different areas. You decide. Electives allow students to develop concentrations in particular subject areas in order to match coursework with personal and professional goals. 


Organizational Analytics
Human Resources

Learn more about the core courses by reviewing elective course descriptions.