Global Study

Elon MBA students travel to business markets across the world. Two, and sometimes more, study trips each year take students to Asia, South America, or Europe. Seventy percent of MBA students participate in these trips, which depart in January and June for close to two weeks.

Students visit international investment banks and the manufacturing sites of global firms, local markets, and small workshops. They meet international business managers, visit shop floors, and tour some of the biggest port facilities in the world. In recent years, students have traveled to Argentina, Chile, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Each January, Elon MBA and Elon School of Law students travel together, meeting with top business, government, law, and banking leaders in China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. Working in teams, these students create a new product for a hypothetical company, explore the idea of making or selling the product in a foreign market, and develop strategies that would allow their firm to successfully enter and compete in their target market. Elon Law students serve as legal advisers to the commercial entities created by the business students.