Lessons in Ethical Leadership

The Elon MBA Program believes that leadership is something that can be learned and that everyone can acquire the skills needed to be effective, productive leaders in all areas of life -- where they work, in the management of their careers, and in service to their communities.

We take the approach that leadership is not something that comes from a person’s position, the idea that you become a leader once you move up a step in the organizational ladder. We believe instead that leadership emerges from a combination of factors: traits, values, the situation, and most importantly, behavior. Leadership, we believe, emerges in behaviors, in what a person does, and behaviors can be learned.

The Elon MBA embraces a variety of events, workshops, and courses to ensure that every student has ample opportunity to see, practice, learn, and apply leadership skills.

  • Leadership Assessments.  A Leadership Style assessment, administered in the very first course taken by incoming students, helps each student better understand how they approach leadership in their work.
  • Development Plans.  All incoming MBA students develop a Personal Development Plan, created in their first semester, that serves as a checkpoint in personal and leadership development throughout the program
  • Better Communications.  Believing that an essential component of all leadership is effective communication, all students begin their studies with Managerial Communications, a course that focuses on the development of skills and behaviors required for successful leadership.
  • Legends of Business Program.  This series brings seasoned executives to campus to participate in seminars with students and share their philosophies for success.
  • Collaboration.  MBA students have the opportunity to collaborate with Elon ExecEd on projects that develop solutions and strategies to meet the challenges of area firms, giving students the opportunity to put their leadership skills into action.
  • Speaker Series.  Elon brings world leaders and scholars to campus to enrich the learning experience. Past speakers include Former President George Bush, Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman, and Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
  • Coursework.  All students take the MBA core course in leadership, a course that focuses on the skills needed to manage and lead organizations.  Students acquire the foundation needed for managing performance, quality and operations.  Attention and discussion explores both traditional and nontraditional approaches to leadership, followership, to ensure that all students emerge with a thorough understanding leaders and leadership.