College Writing at Elon University

College Writing for High School Juniors

College Writing for High School Juniors is a non-credit writing seminar designed by Elon English 110 faculty to provide a critical writing and inquiry experience for high-achieving high school juniors in the Elon community. The seminar is an outreach initiative of the College Writing Program and Collegiate Start@ Elon in the Center for Access and Success at Elon University.

Two sections of up to 15 students are offered each spring. Each section meets each Monday, 4-5:45 p.m. in a computer classroom in Belk Library on the Elon campus. Students are selected for the course by completing an application process, including providing a writing sample. All students receive interim and cumulative narrative feedback on their performance. Upon successful completion of the course, including an attendance rate of 90%, students receive a certificate of completion. Outstanding students may request a letter of recommendation from the course instructor as evidence of their achievement.

Seminar Faculty

The seminar is taught by permanent, continuing faculty in the Elon English department.

Seminar Goals

Signature Experiences

Meeting Dates for Spring 2016

Feb 8                                   March 28 - NO CLASS MEETING (ABSS Spring Break)
Feb. 15                                April 4 
Feb. 22                                April 11
Feb. 29                                April 18
March 7                               April 25
March 14                             May 2
March 21 - NO CLASS MEETING (Elon Spring Break)

Academic Expectations
High school students enrolled in the College Writing Course are considered college students of Elon University while on campus. Like our Elon University college students, high school students are expected to uphold the Elon Honor Code and perform at the same level of high academic rigor, maturity and intellectual curiosity to undertake college-level work.  Students will be expected to engage in in-class and outside class work assignments. High school students have access to all academic resources and student support services, including the library, writing/tutoring center, computer laboratories, and an academic advisor.  Students are not permitted inside the Residence Halls.

Admission Requirements

  1. Must be enrolled as a high school junior based on school district or home-school requirements 
  2. Must submit PLAN/ACT or PSAT/SAT scores and be eligible for admissions 
  3. Must have a cumulative grade point average (unweighted) of 3.5 or higher. A careful review of English course grades will also be used to determine admission.  
  4. Must have approval from principal and guidance counselor acknowledging that the student  is: (1) in good academic standing, (2) able to handle the challenge and rigor of college studies, and (3) exhibits exemplary citizenship and character
  5. Submit a well developed writing sample. The writing prompt can be found on the application.

Tuition and Fees 

  1. Application Deadline: November 1, 2015
  2. Application fee:  $10 (cash or check must be submitted with the application)
  3. Tuition:  *Student/Parent:  $105     *School District: $105     Tuition remittance is expected on behalf of the student/parent and school district. Tuition bills will be sent directly to student/parent and school district by the Bursars Office. Tuition payment deadlines set forth by the Bursars Office must be adhered to.
  4. Students whose parent/s is employed with Elon University (faculty or staff) may qualify for tuition remission under the policies and regulations established for University personnel. Eligibility questions should be directed to Elon University, Human Resources.  
  5. Tuition and Book Fee Waiver:  Students who receive free/reduced meals are eligible for a tuition waiver. Eligible students must submit documentation from their school system validating eligibility.

Admission/Registration Process

  1. Students interested in enrolling in the course must notify their guidance counselor of his/her intent and work with the counselor to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements and if the course is appropriate for you.
  2. Students must complete and submit application to counselor/principal for approval. The following must accompany the application: $10 application fee (cash or check), copy of PLAN/ACT or PSAT/SAT scores, official transcript, writing sample (see writing prompt on the application) and free/reduced meals documentation (if applicable).  
  3. Students will be notified of the admissions decision in writing by Elon University, Office of Education Outreach. 
  4. Submit tuition/fees (return by the appropriate deadline set by the Bursars Office).
  5. Complete and submit the Elon University, Ellington Health and Counseling Center Immunization Form by December 1, 2015. The Immunization Form can be retrieved online: Forms should be returned directly to Ellington Health and Counseling Center, 2040 Campus Box, Elon, NC 27244. 
  6. Students are required to attend the Collegiate Start@Elon Orientation in January (date will be announced in the acceptance letter).