College Writing at Elon University

Faculty Scholarship about College Writing

Many of our College Writing Program faculty regularly conduct research and compose scholarship related to first-year writing. The following list highlights recent faculty projects and honors:

Jessie L. Moore and Michael Strickland published “Wearing Multiple Hats: How Campus WPA Roles can Inform Program-Specific Public Writing Designs” in Going Public: What Writing Programs Learn from Engagement. Eds. Irwin Weiser and Shirley Rose. Utah State UP, 2010.

Paula Patch published “Meeting Student Writers Where They Are: Using Wikipedia to Teach Responsible Scholarship” in Teaching English in the Two-Year College (March 2010): 280-7.

Michelle Trim presented “Research Paper Redux: Dialectic as Democratic Writing and Researched Argument” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, Louisville, KY, March 18, 2010. This presentation discussed the theoretical and practical reasoning behind a revision of the traditional researched argument into a collaboratively written dialogic argument.

Jessie Moore and Paula Rosinski presented "Rhetorical Digital Literacies: The Interplay Between Research and Pedagogies" at the 13th Annual Association of Teachers of Technical Writing Conference, Louisville, KY, March 17, 2010. They presented research on rhetorically-minded digital literacy pedagogies in first-year writing and professional writing and rhetoric.

Jessie Moore presented with Susan Miller-Cochran (NCSU) and GiGi Taylor (UNC Chapel-Hill) on "Supporting ESL Writers: Dispelling Myths, Developing Strategies" at the Carolinas Writing Program Administrators Meeting in the Middle, Charlotte, NC, February 19, 2010. As invited speakers, the presenters facilitated an interactive session on supporting second language writers in writing programs throughout the Carolinas.

Several faculty presented at the North Carolina Symposium on Teaching Writing, North Carolina State University, October 17, 2009:

Victoria Shropshire published "Web Cams are for More than YouTube..." in The Virtual Educator 2.2. Fall 2009.

Paula Patch presented “What Do They Know?: An Analysis of Student Essays about Wikipedia” at the 6th Annual Innovation in Instruction Conference, Elon University. August 2009.

Barbara Gordon presented "Teaching Argument in First Year Writing - Promoting Inquiry and Transformation over Victory" at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, San Francisco, CA, March 12, 2009. This presentation showed one means of translating James Crosswhite's ideas from The Rhetoric of Reason, into a sequence of assignments for first-year writing.

Paula Patch presented "Engaging the Millenials: Using Wikipedia to Teach 21st-Century Literacy Skills to First-Year Writing Students" at the Lilly South Conference, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, North Carolina, February 2009. Patch's presentation described a writing assignment that teaches students how to think critically about Wikipedia and other online references.

Michelle Trim published “Going Beyond Good Intentions: Reconsidering Motivations and Examining Responsibility in Composition-based Service Learning.” in Modern Language Studies 39.1: 66-81, 2009. This article argues that not all service learning approaches in composition demonstrate an ethical responsibility to community partners or to students, suggesting that practitioners must devote more time and attention to the planning and partnership stages prior to implementing a service learning approach.

Jessie Moore reviewed Plagiarism: A How-Not-To Guide for Students for SLW News 4.2 (2009).

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